Designer and Founder, Martha Jackson has always loved clothes and accessories. Her Mom taught her how to sew when she was 11 and off she went making most of her clothes. So began her library of fabric, collected treasures..., each piece found inspired her to create something unique. Studying textiles and gold smithing in college, gave her an arsenal of techniques to explore her passion for creating. She went on to spend most of her professional career designing in the fashion jewelry industry, once again exploring different materials.

a little history

 In the early millennium, after realizing that her closet had become a collection of inspirational pieces she no longer wore. she vowed to repurpose her favorite pieces (instead of toss them), and use up her library of collected treasures. So began her business purpose as well - establishing Restored by Design in 2010. Martha has dedicated her business to convey her love for sustainable design with the planet in mind. 


our commitment

After years of working in the fashion industry, Martha had a first hand look into how much waste and pollution the fast fashion business generates. In fact,  next to the oil industry, the fashion industry is the number two polluter of our planet! She blends passion with purpose devoting herself to creating ethically produced pieces with care and love - taking a stand against Fast Fashion and supporting the Slow Fashion Revolution. 

inspiration behind our designs

Inspiration comes from the beauty in nature (her love of flowers) and her fascination of textiles and natural materials.  Taking inspiration from nature, combining it with her love of textiles and  mix of current trends, Martha thrives on continuing to evolve her creative journey through her hundreds of delicately designed pieces!

why are we different?

The Restored by Design team believes in using our design process to solve problems in your closet, and on this planet... We believe  expression through fashion is one of the most powerful ways to express your individuality, start a conversation, and spread an idea! Your look can be as unique as your special self - we take great pride in helping you do just that!

Every inspired piece is created by hand IN THE STUDIO, USING UP factory excesses, cast-out preloved pieces, vintage lace, fabric and trim, and bygone parts. Restored by Design pieces have a unique mix of color, pattern, texture and vintage flavors to create trendy boho chic looks with a touch of romance. In Martha's studio, the fabric options are endless and creativity is hung from wall to wall - it's any young woman's fashion paradise! 

who do we design for?

The Restored by Design team creates eco chic and feminine pieces designed for the gal that is adventurous, confident, and expressive in her style. She cares about the environment, and sustainability, embracing her romantic "bohemian" self! We aim to give your closet and this planet the TLC they deserve WITH STYLE!

where are we located?

 Martha creates extraordinary one-of-a-kind pieces, as well as custom design and teaching, in her amazing studio nestled in the Adirondack Park at 225 Picketts Corners Road in Saranac, New York. The beauty of nature is all around!!!!

starting her dream business

respect beauty...

    honor creativity...

        preserve our planet

            maintain integrity

                 be the change you want to see

We Are