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Each piece I create is unique and one of a kind. Why not have a piece customized for you! This is a special feeling to have a piece made just the way you like it!!!!!- whether REINVENTED, REPURPOSED, or made from scratch, you will have a piece as individual as you are!!!

I also encourage clients to take a favorite piece they love to wear and REPLICATE into a different color or RESTYLE or…consider this instead of searching/buying a new one… I find many clients know what works for their own figure, and the fabric they like but find it challenging to find something new! Have one made by Restored by Design!

Prices vary depending on the complexity of the project and of course, your budget. No job is too big or small…


I love to create special occasion pieces, such as a wedding dress, mother-of-the-bride, brides maids, or night out etc. This service begins with a picture, a pattern you like, or a pre-loved piece! We sketch it out, I create a pattern to your specifications (and you can always make another piece later), we choose the fabric you would like and begin the journey with a muslin  piece. This is carefully fitted to you (and used as the finished pattern)to make sure it fits YOU! Attention to detail and quality are always a priority. Price varies depending on the piece. On average, a dress begins at $300.



Sometimes you have grown tired of an item and need to REVITALIZE it! To extend its wear, save it from being a throwaway…perhaps it is showing some wear and tear, or doesn’t fit quite the same, or looks out of style… through creative TLC I call REPURPOSING, we can sustain your wardrobe!

I had a client who shopped in her own closet to renew her wardrobe. I would alter a garment to ‘modernize’, such as make pants skinnier, shorten a hemline, or adjust the fit, in other words, RESTYLE the garment.

This service starts with a consultation with you and your closet pieces you want to upstyle and repurpose, then make the needed alterations after budget is agreed upon.. Cost varies on the piece and work involved. I stand by my quality!!!


I love to teach people how to sew - in the end, it is a very valuable skill for sustaining your wardrobe! 

Individual or group classes are available upon request. Ages 10 and up are encouraged, beginners (with no experience) to advanced! 

I recommend these to be in person, in my studio here in Saranac NY, however I will also travel (within reason) or provide virtual classes via zoom! My preference is to teach you on your own machine to allow you to continue sewing! Full guidance is provided on how to sew from a pattern, as well as finishing techniques including hand sewing a hem etc. I find it most beneficial; to work in 3 hour sessions, for 3-4 weeks in order to complete a piece. $99. Per 3 hour session. 4 week class $350.00


If you prefer to learn how to REPURPOSE an item, sewing skills are required in order to accomplish successful results. To repurpose covers a wide range of possibilities as it is truly problem solving in a creative way. I will guide you through your project, showing you how to TRANSFORM a preloved garment into a piece to wear again, keeping them out of the waste stream, or perhaps you picked up a piece from a thrift store (I do this all the time).

I worked with a client who collected men’s cashmere sweaters and we created new tops for her following a pattern she loved! Voila, her own custom made piece while ‘saving the planet’.

3 hour session minimum @ $99 each. Depending on skill level, takes 2-3 sessions!

In person or virtual via zoom!



To UPSTYLE is generally to take an existing piece and ‘make it better’! These classes cover learning to RESTORE & REPAIR a tired, pre-loved piece that is showing wear and tear. This is a great way to extend/sustain your wardrobe. One of the best ways to be more sustainable by artfully mending! 

Learn hand stitching techniques (to cover a hole or tear), embroidery, appliqué, and embellishing - REPAIR TO REWEAR has a few “tricks of the trade” to help you UPSTYLE a piece such as a pair of jeans, shirt, or sweater!

3 hour session recommended minimum @ $99 each. In person or virtual via zoom!



We have been talking about how important it is to REPURPOSE, REVITALIZE, REINVENT to lead a more sustainable lifestyle….Restored by Design offers a variety of techniques on a one on one basis (the best), AND ON LINE. As well…

VIRTUAL DIY workshops and tutorials can be found on RESTORED BY DESIGN YOUTUBE Channel for you to learn, and experience in your own studio or living room. This is a great way to share some fun with a group of your creative friends, and of course, individually as well. 

Upcoming in the Fall…TUTORIALS  to include: How to Make Denim Flowers, How to Restyle a Plain Jacket, How to Upstyle a Pair of Jeans and more.

Join RBD Creative Community Team Newsletter $25./per month.

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Live In-Person Webinars will be announced in Fall 2021!!!



Are you working on a project and need some CREATIVE GUIDANCE? A sounding board and feedback?

Too many ideas going through your mind and need help ORGANIZING YOUR CREATIVITY?

Are you stuck and looking for some INSPIRATION?

Are you learning to sew at home and need guidance with your project?

I find creative minds need help from time to time, and coaching you through is a great way to unlock and get your creative juices flowing… I have a few ways I can help!

Private one on one coaching sessions are available virtually via zoom. Consultation session is 30-60 minutes, $75.00

Mentorships are a great way to learn how to sew, and how to repurpose from a master. Best in studio program can be arranged. Ages 15 & up, recommended 4-6 weeks. Please inquire.


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